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Susan Boyle tops all searches in the UK and US

April 21, 2009

Last week the top five fastest moving search terms amongst All Categories were: 'susan boyle', 'britains got talent', 'hillsborough disaster', 'hells kitchen', and 'guido fawkes'. After Susan Boyle’s recent break-through performance on Britains Got Talent, the clip of her singing has notched up almost 50 million views on YouTube and the search term 'susan boyles' was the top non-branded term driving traffic to YouTube last week. Her success has also been noted in the US with 'susan boyle' being the number one fastest moving search term overall for the same period.

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Michael Jackson searches increase by 1200%

March 10, 2009

Following Michael Jackson's announcement last week that he is to play 10 dates at the O2 this summer, searches for the King of Pop increased by 1200%. With fans able to register for presale tickets traffic to www.michaeljackson.com increased 3-fold for the week ending 07/03/09, while ‘michael Jackson tickets’ was the top search term sending traffic to Ticket Exchange websites. With his comeback show predicted by many to make show business history, it comes as no surprise that 'michael jackson' was the 3rd fastest moving search term in the UK last week, behind 'v festival' (#1) and 'dr seuss' (#2 after featuring in a Google Doodle) for the same period.


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Barack Obama is in The White House

January 29, 2009

According to Hitwise UK, the official White House website was one of the fastest moving sites of last week ending the 24th January. UK visits increased by 525% over a week. The spike in interest is not surprising following President Obama’s inauguration on the 20th January. ‘barack obama’ was the 2nd fastest moving search of last week and searches for ‘obama’ were 6th. Both searches increased over 7 times since the previous week. Wikipedia was the website receiving the most traffic from ‘barack obama’ searches and the official Barack Obama website was second.


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Mozilla Firefox benefit from Microsoft Internet Explorer Problems

December 23, 2008

Due to security concerns last week users of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer were advised to switch internet browsers. Hitwise can reveal it was rival browser Mozilla Firefox that benefited from Microsoft’s problems. Within the top ten fast moving search terms last week ‘mozilla firefox’ was the fourth fastest, searches for ‘internet explorer’ were the fifth and ‘firefox download’ was the seventh. UK visits to the official Mozilla website shot up massively last week increasing by 215%. From searches for ‘internet explorer’ 4 of the top 10 websites receiving traffic were news sites, Google News (4th), Telegraph (6th), The Guardian Technology (7th) and BBC News (8th).


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Kung Fu Squirrels

December 19, 2008

According to Hitwise UK the fastest moving search term to our News and Media- Community Directories and Guides category last week was ‘kung fu squirrels’. This comes after The Metro and The Daily Mail published pictures of Squirrels attacking each other on Wednesday 10th December. The Metro’s website received the most traffic from searches for ‘kung fu squirrels’.

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Lapland New Forest- Merry Christmas?

December 08, 2008

According to Hitwise UK ‘lapland new forest’ was the fastest moving search term last week, ending 6th December. Searches for ‘lapland new forest’ more then quadrupled over the last week, this was in response to the controversial festive theme park in Dorset that received over 2000 complaints for being over priced and not living up to hype. The Park closed down last week and after people were told by the park owners to refer to the website visits to the site tripled in one week. The website has since been shut down.

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Calzaghe is a Knock Out for Setanta

November 14, 2008

According to Hitwise UK, traffic to setanta.com has increased more then five fold since the week ending 23rd June 2007; this date coincides with when Setanta began offering its sports subscription service online. Last Saturday Setanta had exclusive rights to the Joe Calzaghe Vs Roy Jones Jr fight. 17 Out of the top 20 fast moving search terms sending traffic to Setanta.com were all related to the fight. Although Setanta.com did see a spike in traffic for the week ending 8th November, the fight proved not to be as popular as the England Vs Croatia game in September, when traffic reached its highest ever to the site, or even as popular as the Calzaghe Vs Hopkins fight in May.


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England Rugby scandal drives up visits to Stuff.co.nz

July 11, 2008

Recent research from Hitwise UK shows that UK Internet visits to NZ news website Stuff.co.nz have increased by 87% from May to June 2008, during Englands ultimately controversial tour in NZ during June. Stuff was the top recipient of searches for 'england rugby scandal' picking up 30% of visits from the term, followed by the Daily Mail.

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Wimbledon & Anglian Water top fast moving UK searches

July 04, 2008

According to Hitwise UK, the fastest moving search term last week was 'wimbledon 2008', and searches for the popular tennis star 'ana ivanovic' put the term at number four. The second fastest moving search term was 'anglian water', after news the water supply in Northamptonshire, run by Anglian Water, was contaminated with cryptosporidium. Searches for 'amy winehouse' and 'all saints' round out the top five.

Top Five Fast Moving UK Searches - Week ending 28/06/08
Top Five Searches.jpg

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Amy Winehouse raises awareness of emphysema online

July 01, 2008

According to Hitwise UK, news that the singer Amy Winehouse may be in the early stages of emphysema has prompted a lot of interest online in the illness. Searches for 'emphysema' increased by 111% during the week ending 28 June, compared to the previous largest peak on searches for the term in February. 30% of searches visited Wikipedia, followed by BBC News, NHS and a number of online medical websites such as Netdoctor.co.uk.


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Searches for 'ufo' take off as The National Archives release UFO files

May 20, 2008

According to Hitwise UK internet searches for ‘ufo’ have increased by 267% since The National Archives released “a wide range of UFO-related documents covering the years 1978–2002” on 14th May. The Sun newspaper captured the largest share in traffic (12.28%) for ‘ufo’ searches for the week ending 17th May, while The National Archives site, ufos.nationalarchives.gov.uk, ranked 8th with 2.71%. Other sites to receive traffic from the search term ‘ufo’ included YouTube, Wikipedia, Google News UK, and the rock band UFO’s homepage www.ufo-music.info

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'Flying Penguins' result in most ever visits to BBC iPlayer

April 02, 2008

UK Internet visits to the BBC iPlayer website peaked to their highest ever daily level on the 1st of April, as viewers flocked to the site to watch an April Fool's Day joke about Flying Penguins. The video was first reported on The Telegraph website, and visits to iPlayer from The Telegraph increased four-fold compared with the previous day. People also encouraged others to view the mini-documentary, with visits from social networking websites and web-based email to the iPlayer website, increasing by 140% and 40% respectively yesterday.

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Searches for 'tibet' quadruple

March 27, 2008

Recent research from Hitwise UK shows that searches for 'tibet' quadrupled this week, as talks about the possibility of boycotting the Beijing Olympics continued. One in three searchers for 'tibet' visited Wikipedia, followed by Google News and a Free Tibet campaign website. Searches for 'dalai lama' also increased significantly last week. Interest is mostly driven by his visit to the UK in May, with searches focused on his teaching engagements in London and Nottingham.

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Searches for 'Prince Harry' and 'Drudge Report' spike

March 03, 2008

According to Hitwise UK, UK Internet searches for 'Prince Harry' and 'drudge report' spiked last week as news broke of the Prince's service in Afghanistan. The Drudge Report website increased by 277 places within the News & Media rankings last week to its highest ever ranking in the UK. The top recipient of searches for 'Prince Harry' was the official website for His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales.

Prince Harry.png

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Visits to Business Information websites peak amid financial turbulence

January 23, 2008

UK Internet visits to Business and Finance – Business Information websites reached their highest peak in over four months yesterday (22 January), following a turbulent few days in the world stock markets and the announcement that the US Federal Reserve is to cut interest rates. The three most visited sites in the category were: Yahoo UK and Ireland Finance (uk.finance.yahoo.com), the Financial Times (www.ft.com), and Advanced Financial Network (www.advfn.com).

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Sun reaches number one thanks to Amy Winehouse video

January 23, 2008

The Sun (www.thesun.co.uk) was the most visited News and Media – Print website in the UK yesterday (22 January 2008) for the first time since Christmas Eve (24 December 2007). The newspaper’s website hosted an exclusive video of pop star Amy Winehouse allegedly taking illegal drugs, including crack cocaine and ecstasy.

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TFL website visits up by 62%

September 04, 2007

Recent research from Hitwise UK shows that daily UK Internet visits to the Transport for London website ahead of this week's tube strikes increased by 62% from the 30th August to the 2nd September. One in five downstream visits from TFL went to the Mayor of London's official website, making this the 3rd most popular local government website on Sunday. Now You Know.

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Mattel product recall sends visits to website skyhigh

August 15, 2007

HItwise UK shows UK Internet visits to the Mattel website skyrocketed yesterday after news of the mass product recall was released, with visits increasing 26x from the same day last week. 40% of traffic from the Mattel website went to the NASDAQ owned website Shareholder.com with investors checking the impact of the recall on share prices. The top website sending traffic to Mattel was BBC News. Now You Know.

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Visits to DEFRA website triple as foot & mouth outbreak hits UK

August 08, 2007

According to Hitwise UK Internet visits to the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs website tripled for the week ending 4th August as the UK heard the news of a new foot & mouth outbreak. The Top 5 websites visited after searching for "foot and mouth" were BBC News, DEFRA, BBSRC, Telegraph and Wikipedia. Now You Know.

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Time.com top recipient of searches for Princess Diana

July 13, 2007

Recent research from Hitwise UK shows that 1 in 5 searches during the four weeks ending 7th July for "princess diana" visited the online arm of Time Magazine who set up a special tribute to the Princess in 1998 on their website. Followed by Wikipedia, a Princess Diana tribute website and the official website of the British Monarchy. Now You Know.

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Visits to BBC Weather at their highest in two years

July 05, 2007

According to Hitwise UK, Internet visits to BBC Weather are at their highest point since July 2005 and the website ranked at #26 for market share of visits amongst all websites for the month of June. Now You Know.
BBC Weather.png

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Smoking ban website 'Smokefree England' visits increase five-fold

May 29, 2007

According to Hitwise UK, visits to the Department of Health website Smokefree England have increased more than five-fold in the the past four weeks ahead of the July 1 smoking ban across England. Searches for "smoking ban" have increased by 55% over the same period. Now You Know.
Smokefree chart.png

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Al Jazeera English UK Traffic Goes to BBC

April 16, 2007

Hitwise UK data reveals that the top downstream site from Al Jazeera English was BBC News in the week to 16th April 2007. Now you know.

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