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Australia's enthusiasm for the NBN

July 18, 2011

Whilst the NBN contractual announcements of the other week were more than enough to send Twitter crazy , the consumer interest in all things high-speed from Australians is greater than it might seem.

Firstly, using Topsy’s Twitter analytics, we can quickly see the volume of interest driven by Telstra’s announcement of their agreement with NBN Co and the Federal Government.


Then, by building a panel of the key terms that drive traffic to the major Government sites, we can gain an understanding of exactly what Australian consumers are interested in, and how those interests change over time.

Firstly, whilst the NBN announcement was a pledge as part of the Kevin07 campaign, consumer interest really began in May 2008, when the then Rudd government announced a controversial 12 week, $5million tender.

NBN – Share of Users

Extended for 12 weeks after extensive appeal, consumer interest bubbled along throughout 2009-10.

Interest kicked up a gear in early to mid 2010, before going ballistic in the closing months, when Telstra backed the revised (and current) plan of building a government backed network. Whilst interest dropped slightly in the negotiation period since, search of late indicates a level of interest above and beyond anything we’ve seen before. The sustained search levels over the past fortnight suggest we’re all interested in high speed, low cost connections.

As an indication of how this interest shifted, we can look closely at the frequency of an individual search term, ‘nbn jobs’. Fourth most popular term of the week, it’s a search that Australians have conducted more frequency over time.

Having made only brief appearances prior, ‘nbn job’ related searches grow month on month, tracking at first behind and then overtaking general NBN searches in recent weeks.


In recent times operational and even commercial terms such as ‘rollout’ and pricing related searches have also taken shape.

From here we suggest search will shift towards more consumer oriented terms, with searches around specifications, pricing, faults and service coming to the fore.

With countries such as Japan and South Korea providing us hints of where connectivity could take us, Experian Hitwise will keep you up to date as Australia embraces its emerging NBN.

For more consumer insights, contact Experian Hitwise today.
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